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Pope Francis, during one of his general audiences at St. Peter’s square, said:

Jesus was born in a family. He could have come in a spectacular way, or as a warrior, an emperor…. No, no: he is born in a family, in a family. This is important: to perceive in the nativity, this beautiful scene.

God really values the family so much that He chose it as a way to bring His Son into this world. God has brought salvation to us through a family.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines declared this year as the Year of the Eucharist and the Family. And so this year, our church calls the Filipino families to become missionary disciples of the Eucharist.

However, for this mission to be fulfilled, the mission should start with our families. Let us welcome Jesus Christ in our homes by making it truly a home.

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Ang mga Surpresa ng Diyos

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Ang buhay ko ay puno ng surpresa, merong masaya, meron ring masakit.

Ang pamilya namin ay may pagkakaisa, pagmamahalan, kuntento, hindi naghihirap at higit sa lahat, masaya. Ganyan ko mailalarawan ang pamilya namin noon, pero patikim lang pala ang lahat.

Pito o walong taong gulang ako noon nang umalis si Papa. Ang sabi niya sa Maynila lang siya pupunta at sandali lang daw siya mawawala. Hanggang lumipas ang mga araw, buwan, at ilang taon pero hindi siya bumalik.

Isang araw naikuwento sa akin ng aming pinsan na nakita niya si Papa sa Polomolok at may kasamang bata. Noong umpisa, hindi ako naniwala kasi inisip ko na kung talagang nasa Mindanao si Papa, babalik siya sa amin kasi mahal niya kami.

Dumating ang masakit na sorpresa sa buhay namin. Napag-alaman namin na may ibang pamilya na pala si Papa at matagal na pala itong alam ni Mama. Masakit malaman na ang dating inaakala kong nagmamahalan at masayang pamilya ay hanggang doon nalang pala.

Dahil sa mga pangyayaring iyon, nawala ang lahat, kabuhayan, bahay at ang masayang pamilya at kinailangan kong sumama kay Papa sa Polomolok.

Noong nasa Polomolok na ako mas na-sorpresa pa ako sa aking nalaman. Ang bago palang kinakasama ni Papa ay ang dati kong yaya. Siya pa naman ang isang taong namimiss ko dahil naalala ko kung paano niya ako inalagaan. Sa unang pagkakataon, nagalit ako ng husto. Pati ang Diyos ay sinisi ko sa lahat ng mapapait na nangyari sa buhay ko. Nais kong isipin na bangungot lamang ang lahat.

Pagkatapos kong matuklasan ang lahat, mas napalayo pa ako sa pagiging isang Kristiyano. Parang ayaw ko ng maniwala sa lahat. Hindi natatapos ang bawat taon na hindi kami nag-aaway ng pangalawang asawa ni Papa. Hanggang sa nagpalipat-lipat na ulit ako ng tirahan. Sa kakalipat ko ng bahay, ang daming nangyari sa akin na hindi ko inaasahan. Hanggang isang araw, napagpasiyahan kong tumira ulit sa Gensan kung saan nakatira ang ate ko.

Sa aking pagtira doon sa aking kapatid, minsan niya akong niyaya para sumama sa isang seminar ng CFC FFL. Noong umpisa ay ayaw kong pumunta sa dahilang nagalit ako noon sa ating Diyos. Ang sabi ko, wala namang magbabago sa lahat ng ito. Pero hindi nawalan ng pag–asa si ate, niyaya pa rin niya ako kahit alam niya na imposibleng sasama ako sa kanya. Ngunit sa pangalawang pagkakataon, hindi ko alam kung bakit pero napapayag niya ako na sumama sa kanya.

Hindi ako nagsisi na sumama sa kanya. Ang dami kong natutunan sa araw na iyon at first time kong na-excite sa sang seminar kaya nagpatuloy ako hanggang matapos ko. Hindi doon nagtapos ang lahat,sumasama ako sa bawat HOUSE HOLD at habang tumatagal, unti-unti kong naalala ang mga pagkakataong muntikan na akong mapahamak. Napagtanto ko na kahit pala nagalit ako noon sa ating Diyos, hindi Niya ako hinayaan na mapahamak. Doon ko lang nalaman na kahit kinalimutan at nagalit man ako sa Kanya, hinding-hindi Niya ako binitiwan.

Ang mga SORPRESA ng buhay ay talagang gugulatin ka. Minsan Masaya, minsan masakit. Pero sa bawat sorpresa na iyon, isa lang ang sigurado, palaging nakaantabay ang DIYOS sa buhay natin.

A Sharing by Melissa Leoncio

Sailing Towards My Vocation

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A Sharing by Dhei Puoayan from SFL Pasig
“Never stop dreaming until you reach the horizons that God has prepared for you and there, new dreams will be made by you and the Father.”

The concept of the horizon amazes me. Imagine. The horizon is where the heaven and earth meet- the limit of what is possible. As for me, it is where my dreams are. Let me share to you my story.

I am a graduate of BSBA major in internal auditing. Ever since I got into college, I knew I made a wrong decision by taking up the course that I didn’t really want. I was thinking of shifting into another course but I felt that everything would be put into waste. I can still remember that moment when I told my friend just a few months before my graduation that I was sure that I won’t last long in a corporate world. He asked me what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t answer because I still didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life or the direction that God wants me to go to.

A few days after my graduation, I was blessed to have a regular position in a good company as an accounting assistant. However, I found that everything was routinary and personally, I didn’t find it life giving. There was no room for professional growth so I decided to leave. Shortly after, I was blessed to have an internal audit position in another prominent company but still, I couldn’t find or feel the fulfillment in what I was doing. I was not happy.

It was during that moment when God made it clear before me the path that he wanted me to take. The desire to help children through teaching burns inside my heart. I talked to my parents about it, filed my resignation and enrolled for the certification for professional education for me to be able to take the Licensure Examination for teachers.

To cut the long story short, I am now preparing for the board exams this coming September. Do I have regrets? No, I am happy. In fact, very happy!

While preparing for the boards, I do part time tutoring and the joy that I get from teaching the kids give my heart so much fulfillment and happiness. Yes it’s tiring. Yes, it doesn’t make that much money. But, I guess, doing what you love is something that helps your heart grow. I can still remember a line from a retreat that I attended last 2014 which said, “kapag yung passion mo ay nakaka-contribute sa society, ‘yun ang vocation mo.”
Today, I am sailing towards that horizon, my vocation, that I believe God has prepared for me. And as I reach that same horizon that my eyes saw from the shore, another dream will be made by me and my Father. Do what makes you happy. Do what you love the most. Dreaming is reaching the limit of what is possible!

To The One Who Let Me Go

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“Hope that you fall in love and that it hurts so bad, the only way you know that you gave it all you have.” – Lyrics from the song I Lived by One Republic, 2013

To the One Who Let Me Go,

When I watched your back as you walked away through hazy eyes, I promised not to cry. When you hadn’t called me for days on end, I promised I wouldn’t miss you and in that unrealistic promise managed to fall into the temptation of texting you or stalking you to see if you were as miserable as I was. When friends told me you were with someone new much earlier than my wounded heart expected, I promised to seek vengeance and looked forward to the day I would be much happier than you. Only to find that I was getting more desperate to escape.


Because I had made you dopamine, my sugar rush, my comfort food, the ultimate source of my happiness, and I was wrong for doing so. It was easier to move on if I pinned all the blame on you but bitterness did nothing but rob me of my joy. I chose to forget all the reasons why I had loved you and how that love had transformed me. My heart got coated by the lie that you owed me for loving you, and for giving myself to you. My heart got coated by lies of insecurity and worthlessness, and my pain shrouded my eyes from seeing the beauty I once saw in you and the beauty that still existed around me. I’m sorry for robbing you of your goodness in my life.
But I’m writing now because I wanted to thank you. I wanted to thank you for letting me go because when you did, my life went through an unexpected overhaul, and the way I loved changed dramatically. It gave room for me to realize that sometimes things have to be taken away from us in order for us to desire to have the essential.


Swimming in the rock bottom of the ocean of broken hearts showed me the people who would stay with me, the things I could do, the horizons I had yet to discover, what I wanted in the person I would choose to spend the rest of my life with, and more importantly it brought me back to what I was originally designed to be, one that loves. My heart has expanded so much that I can come to this point of thanking you and keeping all that we had in a good place of my heart.


You see, when I was beating myself up for failing you, for failing myself, God found a crack for His mercy to come in. His divine mercy flowing from His also wounded heart, flowed in slowly into my own heart until the walls of that tiny crack could not hold His mercy any more. I’m writing to tell you that the walls have finally caved in, and that I am drowning. But no longer in the lies that have stopped my heart from authentically loving, but now I’m drowning in the mercy that abounds. I have come to the truth that God owes me nothing, and yet He still gives me everything. So I’m giving this to you, my genuine prayer of peace and gratitude because I would have never have come to see who I am today if you had not let me go. I would have never come to the point of loving with all I had, until it hurt, because I knew that loving another was worth it. If you had not let me go, I would have never realized that this once broken human heart becomes capable of the Divine when it loves like Christ did. So with all of me, thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
The One You Let Go Made New

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